At their best “work” shops are actually playful, creative, interesting, inspiring and anything but laborious. They are opportunities to connect deeply with oneself and others, to explore and discover new ideas and perspectives and then to craft strategies and action steps that allow participants to move beyond the atmosphere of the “shop,” where things are first worked on, developed and assembled, out into the world where newfound and thoughtfully developed concepts and plans can be put into action. In this segment of my website, I have focused on categorizing all the various programs that I offer in group settings according to four main areas on which I focus: lifewise, healthwise, timewise, and businesswise coaching. In actuality though there is quite a bit of overlap and many of these programs could easily fit into more than one category, especially considering that they can and are meant to be customized depending on audience as well as intentions and goals. In addition, each program listed can be customized in terms of time, content and breadth/depth of focus. When it comes to my coaching program there is no “one size fits all” so please call me to discuss your needs and desired outcomes as a first step to choosing a program that will work for you.