Inspiration is a powerful word which is rooted in the Latin concept of “breathing life into.” For that reason, inspiration is at the heart of all brilliant creativity, all great work, and the whole concept of living a fulfilling life – a life filled with pleasure, joy, engagement, meaning, and significance. Drudgery cannot be the way to living the life of our dreams. Only when we are moved by and yet beyond reason to reach beyond our current comfortable (or not) confines and soar into the realm of dreams and infinite possibilities can we be motivated to find our way into a life beyond our current reality. I love to write. I have been writing for more than sixty years and, over time, have amassed pages and pages of reflective poetry and prose. Some of these works have found their way into books as well as both mainstream and online publications. Many more remain only within the pages of my journals or tucked away into various file folders waiting for an opportune moment or reason to be shared. In this section of the website, you will find all sorts of mindful meanderings that I hope will inspire you to take time for thoughtful reflection and perhaps to engage in soul-searching conversations with others. I offer them here as “food for thought” – a gift from my heartmind to yours.