Minx Boren is a very special coach with extraordinary skills. From my perspective, Minx is a Coach’s Coach. Professionals in any field can gain perspective and insight from working with Minx. Her coaching style and her unique insight, life experience, and her keen listening skills allow her to build lasting relationships with women and men in all stages of their lives and careers. Minx helps her clients articulate their hopes, joys and dreams in concrete actions, strategies and plans. I encourage anyone who wants to change their life, business, health or time management to take Minx’s own words to heart: “Get clear…get courageous…GET COACHED.”
"Taking the time to discover my values and to explore ways to make life choices based on what really matters to me has changed both how I look at things and how I act / react. Imagine if everyone on earth took the time to go through this process. The impact could be profound. "
Chappaqua, NY
"This has been such a nurturing experience. Your sensitivity, acceptance, and empathy put me at ease again and again. I appreciate your organizational skills and thoughtful preparation. Every moment of our time together was impactful."
West Palm Beach, FL
"What makes you such a great coach is that you ask great, empowering questions which evoke thinking. And you are compassionate and non-judging. And you do not push your own agenda. And you allow the client to go at her own pace, yet hold out the possibility of moving fast. And you attract rather than sell. And you are authentic, not seductive. And you educate as well as coach. And you walk your talk. And you inspire clients to produce results. And you are fun to play with."
Boca Raton, FL
"Thanks for your insights, compassion, and attentiveness. Throughout the process, I felt I was heard and cared for."
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
" Thanks coach. To sum up, I really want to thank you and acknowledge you, not just for what you do, but for who you are.
You are brilliantly insightful.
Your life is rich with experience.
You are the most non-judgmental person I know.
You have a wonderful sense of humor.
Your commitment to excellence is apparent in everything you do.
You are caring / compassionate / empathetic.
You are extremely articulate.
You’re the best listener I know.
Your integrity is impeccable.
You make this whole process of creating the life I want seem easy. "
San Rafael, CA