About Coach Minx

The challenge of introducing oneself succinctly when one wants to be both “known” and “appreciated” . . .

Hmmmm! What to tell?

I believe Muriel Ruckhauser got it right when she said, “The world is made up of stories, not atoms.” Of course, this brief page is not the place for stories. Still, I would start by telling about my beginnings – about my life in New York, about my diverse working experiences – with the blind, in the hotel industry, in international marketing research, as an assistant fashion editor.

Then I would tell about my love of learning, about becoming a cooking teacher because of my adventures with food both here and abroad, and then about turning my focus to the healing power of food as I researched healthwise alternatives to traditional medicine because my son was very ill. I would talk about how what I learned in the process set me on a life path first as a nutritionist and then as a life coach.

The more I learned, the more coaching became my passion and my calling. As my experience with personal and group coaching and the power of provocative and positive questions grew, I was invited to bring my work into business and organizational settings. These invitations in turn led me to explore such cutting edge technologies as Emotional Intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry, Art of Convening, Conversational Intelligence, Positive Intelligence, and Positive Psychology and their impact on both the bottom line in business and living a fulfilling life personally.

I still love good food – preparing it, eating it, sharing it and sharing about it. As a coach I offer programs about Food Glorious Food and get to share about all aspects of making healthy lifestyle choices.

I enjoy being active and working out. I’ve been a marathon runner and a tennis player and have been doing yoga for more than 50 years. I still exercise for an hour or two daily and make sure to include time for my 10,000 steps. I also enjoy the challenge of golf and my early morning spin classes and beach walks that rev me up for the day. AND, over the years, I have developed my voice as a writer and a poet. I have self-published four books of poetry and two other books that include poetry: Healing is a Journey and Friendship Is a Journey, is being both published by Blue Mountain Arts. There are now two more books about to be published under their label AND three other books in the works with other co-authors, so stay tuned. My most recent book, Decades of Gratitude, Gusto, Grit & Grace, published in 2019, has become the foundation for a series of programs I offer on navigating life with joy and intention.

Most importantly, I love quiet time and time with good friends and family. I also especially love women’s circles and other meaningful dialogues and connectivities. I have been involved in many over the last 50 years. I have facilitated many different types of women’s groups and Essential Conversations and have co-authored, with Marsha Lehman, The PJ Party Retreat Book – Women Really Love to Have Fun, about women coming together in a particularly joyful way. I am also a founding coach of EmpowerParties.com – a coaching site with information and programs designed to unlocking your passion, potential and purpose for joyful living. 

In 2013, I became the 32nd president of Executive Women of the Palm Beaches, taking my commitment to being involved with others and making a difference to a whole new level. Among my many involvements in my community, I also served on the Board of Directors of the Women’s Foundation of Florida for 2007-2022.

Most recently, I have become a Global Ambassador for Joyely.com, offering programs focused on JOY/The Chair of Joy. The world needs more JOY. Happiness is our most resilient, effective, connective, creative state. And so we need to build our capacity to turn towards joy, especially in the midst of all the challenges we are facing so that we are able to bring our power and purpose to fostering positive change.

There you have it . . . a bit of this and that. I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know something about me in this way.

Yours in the spirit and adventure of it all,