HealthWise Workshops

Sanctuary: Creating Optimal Nurturing Environments

Designing spaces that feed our body, mind and spirit

In this workshop, participants are assisted in understanding some basic principles about activating supportive environments at home, at work, and while traveling. By learning to create personal sanctuaries, participants will be taking an important step toward promoting serenity, peace, and vitality on all levels of body, mind, and spirit.

Extraordinary Self Care in Times of Crisis and Challenge

Being tender toward ourselves through the tough times

Life happens and not always in the way we plan and hope. Personal crises provide us with an opportunity to nurture and support ourselves more lovingly and whole-heartedly than we otherwise might. This dynamic and interactive workshop offers an opportunity to explore some of these possibilities, including some with which one might be less familiar. Learning how to rally our resources, how to tap into the newer methodologies available, and how to ask for and receive necessary support all play a part in this important conversation.

Staying on Track

Finding your own pace, style and path to wellness

This brief seminar explores ways to develop a wellness, fitness, productivity, recovery, healing, vitality program suited to one’s personality. It enables participants to take a first step towards recognizing and acknowledging their own preferred ways of creating and incorporating positive goals in their lives.

X-Rated Self Care – Xtraordinary, Xemplary and Xquisite

Embracing the idea that self-care isn’t selfish

How many diet books and/or self-improvement books do you have? How many food plans and daily action plans have you tried? Are you ready for a new beginning – healthwise, careerwise, relationshipwise, soulwise, otherwise? Instead of wading through all of that and trying to discipline yourself by yourself, join Minx and a group of adventurous women on a Fresh Start quest for pleasure perfect rituals that cleanse and replenish body, mind, and spirit. Experience the magic and power of women coming together as a group to receive both information and inspiration.

Stocking a Healthwise™ Pantry

Moving past your love / hate relationship with food

Discover how to demystify the concept of balanced eating as you learn more about your body’s nutritional needs as well as shopping for and preparing wholesome, delicious and simple balanced meals. Savor the flavor of great whole food smoothies, juices, salads and more.

Learn about:

  • The essential ingredients list to stock your healthy kitchen.
  • Essential nutrients you should have every day.
  • Choosing and preparing natural foods.
  • The best oils, grains, flours, etc.
  • Recipes and ideas for quick, delicious and healthy meals.
  • Satisfying sugar cravings naturally.

The Joy of Healthwise™ Eating

Moving past your love / hate relationship with food

Americans have a love/hate relationship with food that does not support us either physically or emotionally. The key to balanced wellness lies in expanding awareness and shifting perspective. Together we will prepare and share a scrumptious vegetarian lunch. All you need to bring are your food/nutrition concerns and your appetite.

Habits Before Diets

It’s not what you eat. It’s what you digest.

Join me for a provocative conversation about how to transform the way you approach food on a daily basis. Learn how to modify your behavior so as to produce desired changes in both your appearance and your sense of well-being. This conversation is a must for anyone who has ever struggled with the yo-yo diet syndrome.