TimeWise Coaching

Get clear. Pay attention to all that vies for your attention in each and every moment. Discover the way time serves you well along with the ways you sabotage your relationship with time. Remember, just because something fits in your calendar doesn’t mean it fits in your life.

Get courageous. Change can be scary and intimidating. It is difficult to move beyond our comfort zone, even if longtime ways of doing and being interFEAR with success. When it comes to navigating TIME all too often we get stuck in an “I’m so busy” syndrome and that becomes the excuse for all that falls by the wayside as well as all the wonderful things we wish we could do but never seem to have the time for.  To shift to a more positive attitude toward making choices an important first step is to learn to say “YES” absolutely and“NO” positively which takes awareness, courage, and practice – but it’s worth it in the long run.

GET COACHED. Start now. Access the expertise, resources, systems, and support that will empower you to make timewise choices.

As a TimeWise Coach, I bring to my practice a reverent awareness of the preciousness of time and a certain shift in perspective that takes the inquiry and focus out of the realm of time management and into the dynamic of time magic.

“ The indispensable first step to getting what you want in life is this. Decide what you want.”

“ AND then make time to allow for it to happen! ”