LifeWise Workshops

All workshops can be done in 2, 4 or 6 hour time frames.
All can be customized to suit your needs and interest.

THE WISEWO/MAN YEARS: Finding Joy and Fulfillment As We Grow Older

As we approach, enter, and exist in our wisewo/man years, the best thing we can do for ourselves is to be open to change rather than resist it. By choosing to be carried by life’s flow, we invite unexpected pleasures and new discoveries into our lives. When we are welcoming and responsive to whatever is happening in the moment, we fully appreciate where we are now and everything that lies ahead. In this four-part series, Coach Minx encourages participants of a certain age and stage of life to reap the richness of what they have planted and tended these many years. Her musings about growing pains and perks are meant to inspire you to embrace both your successes and less-than-successes and recognize and celebrate the magic in the unknown. Her optimistic yet grounded perspective will remind you that, no matter where you are on your “growing older” journey, joy and fulfillment can be found in all that life still has in store for you.

TODAY IS A GOOD DAY: Celebrating Life’s Best Day Ever Moments

Life happens… and not always according to our best theories, ideas, and strategies. In fact, it mostly does not quite happen according to plan—or at least not according to our carefully laid out ones. What we learn to recognize as we journey through life is that the most powerful happiness strategy in our human toolbox is our capacity to apply thoughtful consideration, perspective, and compassion to whatever is actually going on when life is not going according to our idea of how it should be. By doing so, we can reframe whatever is taking place in the most positive and inspiring ways possible. Based on positive psychology, emotional intelligence, brain science, positive intelligence, and other well-researched perspectives and practices, this interactive conversation is an opportunity to consider alternative ways of responding to LIFE as it is happening, inviting each day to delight and inspire us. Coach Minx is the author of a recently released book by the same name, published by Blue Mountain Arts.

How Happy Do You Dare To Be?

Not only does being happy make us feel good but research now demonstrates that happiness is our most generative and productive state. Not only is happiness a choice we can make for ourselves but there are resources and tools to empower us to learn how to be more joyful, content, optimistic, and resilient. Contrary to popular belief, happiness is not simply the result of good genes or good luck. Research shows that a joyful and fulfilling life can be cultivated by building on the best things in life and identifying and using many of the signature strengths and traits we already possess.

Stress Makes Us Stupid

Have you ever noticed how stress can make us stupid? When we are stressed we cannot remember, pay attention, learn, or make decisions clearly. Are you aware that your job, your food choices, your level of activity, your sense of well-being, your life experiences and even how you express yourself in language, all impact both your body and your mind? Did you know that stress can cause permanent brain damage AND seems increasingly likely to play a role in accelerating brain aging? By discovering what triggers our negative and often stressful emotions, we become able to better manage our reactions and choose our responses. Perhaps it is time to consider what you can do to manage your stress levels by paying attention to the three Rs – how and why you React, what enhances your ability to Respond, and specific tools to enhance your Resilience Factor.

Energizing Your Life

Take the first step to becoming an energy connoisseur in order to increase your experience of well-being and to incorporate vitality and balance into the structure of each day. In this program, participants are introduced to the concept of basic and “powerhouse” sources and how to tap into them. For those who wish to take the conversation to the next level, there will be workbooks available.

Journaling: A Tool for Self-Awareness

The art of journaling provides an inspiring way to clear the mind by bringing to light and examining one’s most deeply held thoughts and beliefs. It allows for creativity, insights, and new ideas to come forth and take hold, first in our consciousness and then in our life. In this experiential program, you will be given an overview of some of the more interesting journaling techniques and an opportunity to discover how effective journaling can be.

Journaling in 5 Minutes a Day

“Through journaling we begin to sort through the differences between our real feelings, which are often secret, and our official feelings.” ~ M. Scott Peck

There are studies that show that journal keeping is a useful tool for deep reflection, problem solving, and envisioning possibilities. Those who try it consistently report that really is worth the effort and discipline to put pen to paper in order to discover oneself on the page. Yet people balk that they’re just too busy to try it out. Longtime journal-keeper and coach Minx Boren has come up with some interesting ways to get big results with only a small commitment of time. Even if you’re not a writer, even if you’ve never kept a journal, even if you really don’t have the time. you are invited to give journaling a try.

Knowing Your Values and Valuing Your Knowing

This Values conversation is the starting point for a personal exploration into the “core” of one’s life. Just imagine clearly understanding the unique gift that you are here to be. Imagine how that knowing would inspire the present and transform your future. Join me for a conversation and experience that will introduce you to your essential self. This methodology is designed to:

  • clarify core values
  • create a values-based model for decision making and navigating life
  • design a strong personal foundation to support one’s sense of purpose
  • weave core values into all the realms of one’s life

Radical Awakening of Self and Soul through Poetry

The noise of civilization can, at times, drown out the more subtle whisperings of the soul. Yet, when we stop and listen, we create the space for our authentic Self to emerge from out of the cacophony. We write, as Julio Olalla says, “to make sense beyond logic of the human experience.” This is poetry. The workshop begins with a brief conversation on both the efficacy and magic of poetry. Then, using music and meditation to shift the energy, each participant is invited to write from his/her own place of inspiration.

Your Voice – It Matters and It Counts

We’ve come a long way since women first struggled for their voices to be heard, their opinions acknowledged, and their choices respected. It is no less important today than it was all those decades ago to continually evaluate what really matters to us individually and collectively and to express those values clearly and powerfully.

The poet Mary Oliver asks, “Tell me what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Using VOICE as an acronym for 5 tools for living in harmony with our highest truths and best self, participants will explore what matters and what counts and how to get clear, courageous, and into action right now.

Golf Success – An Emotionally Intelligent Approach

Presented in conjunction with Master PGA Professional Gary Wiren

For most players, golf is both a captivating pastime and a frustrating activity. The game can be an emotionally challenging test, not just of our technical skills but also of our ability to “manage” ourselves on the course. This presentation encourages participants to take a deeper look at why and how they play the game in order to discover ways to create greater success and enjoyment in their golfing experiences.

If you would like to read about direct applications of Emotional Intelligence to golf, please click on these links to view the two articles by Minx Boren and Dr. Gary Wiren.

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2 Young 2 Retire

Whether you’re 50 or 60 or 70 or 80+ as long as you have the desire to stay active and vitally involved in LIFE there are always ways to rethink WHAT NOW and WHAT NEXT. As humans we have the marvelous capacity to reimagine and reinvent ourselves at any stage of life. Perhaps you want to launch a new career or take up a satisfying hobby or find a way to contribute by volunteering or write poetry, a novel, your memoire, it’s never too late and it’s always possible.