What In The World I Do Is Coach

I am a Master Certified Coach – a Personal Coach and a Business Coach and a HealthWise Coach and an Authentic Happiness Coach and a Group Coach and a Coach who speaks about and facilitates conversations about and writes about what matters most !

The theme that weaves its way through all my work is Authentic Happiness. I believe and research proves that happiness is our most resilient, creative, and productive state AND, both personally and business-wise, it is a choice we get to make again and again.

Get Clear. Coaching is a process of inquiry designed to create greater awareness and inspire action. The coaching dialogue centers around taking a good look at the present with an eye toward the future.

Personal coaching provides an opportunity to give yourself your undivided attention in order to live your best life by first clearly taking time to know and embrace who you are, what you love and, from that perspective, choosing how to best use your gifts and talents.

In a business setting, coaching is also an opportunity for executives and employees alike to take the time clearly understand and articulate their values and their strengths and, from that perspective, to learn tools and strategies to allow them to do their best work.

Get Courageous. As a coach I believe that everyone has the right and capacity to live a fulfilling life and so I partner with clients in imagining and creating WHAT NOW and WHAT NEXT. In the process, clients are encouraged to determine what they want more of and less of in their lives and/or in their work environments and then together we strategize to make that happen. The bottom line is that coaching is action oriented. Deep reflection and careful consideration are stepping stones on the journey toward taking the steps to create a life that matters and makes a difference.

GET COACHED! When was the last time you gave yourself your undivided attention? When was the last time your company or organization took the time to create a clear road map to success and a strategic and courageous plan to get there? Interested in what might be possible?

The coaching process can take place in person, by phone, individually or in a group setting. Email me to set up a time to discuss which way(s) could work best for you.

“ The PROFESSIONAL COACH is your partner in achieving business and personal goals, your champion during a turnaround, your trainer in communication and life skills, your sounding board when making choices, your motivator when strong actions are called for, your unconditional support when you take a hit, your mentor in personal development, your co-designer when developing an extraordinary project, your beacon during stormy times, your wake-up call if you don’t hear your own, and most importantly. Your coach is your partner in having all of what matters most, to you. ”