I am a coach and I love what I do.

I offer the following thoughts as a way to share with you what coaching is all about for me.

Coaching is a process of inquiry designed to inspire both deep reflection and focused action in order to produce measurable and meaningful results. The aim of coaching is to create a coherence between our truest Self and what we choose to be and do in the world. Working with a coach is about becoming more discerning about where and how to best use our talents and gifts. The French root word “discerner” means to sift through. Coaching is a collaborative process of sifting through all the woulds, coulds, and shoulds that would run our days in order to discover what really matters and, then, designing a life based on personal values, authenticity, and signature strengths. Coaching explores the big questions: “Who am I?” “What do I love?” and “Why I am here?” Entangled in the quest for more information and greater efficiency, we sometimes forget to listen deeply and carefully for life’s deeper messages. Coaching is all about seeking the truth beneath the surface, beneath appearances, beneath our actions, and even beneath the words themselves. Coaching is a multi-faceted creative process. There is joy, passion, labor, focus, directed energy, meaningful direction, accomplishment, and satisfaction. The sole focus of a coach is on YOU the client – your aspirations and sense of purpose, your vulnerabilities and strengths, your success and sense of fulfillment. Coaching is a guided one-to-one and / or group process designed to develop potential, enhance performance, and achieve goals. Coaching sessions can be conducted either in person or by phone (or on a multiple bridge line for groups). If I had to sum the whole concept of what coaching is, the most succinct explanation I can offer is that it is about taking the time to determine what you want more of and less of in your life and then creating strategies and action steps to get you there.

Coaching is a collaborative relationship. In this partnership, a coach gets to

  • ask powerful provocative questions
  • tell the truth
  • point out potential obstacles and limitations
  • encourage clients to design environments that support their evolution
  • make big requests
  • hold the client accountable

In this relationship, YOU the client have the opportunity to

  • build a strong personal foundation
  • reveal and honor your whole self
  • tap into your own inner knowing
  • explore creative ideas, inklings, dreams
  • articulate and develop a purposeful, focused vision
  • experience the power and possibility that comes from clear intentions and real encouragement
  • take action in the direction of your goals and dreams
  • unlock your potential and maximize your performance
  • create and sustain positive change
  • celebrate your SELF as well as your accomplishments

What it takes to begin is your willingness…

  • to be open to new possibilities
  • to take responsibility for directing your life
  • to make time to focus on YOU
  • to take action
Are you willing? If you are interested in experiencing the power and magic of coaching for yourself, please contact me to set up an introductory free coaching session.

Coaching works because