friendship is a journey book coverIn this loving tribute to friendship, Minx Boren embraces the many ways friends enrich and enliven our lives. Whether it’s catching up over a cup of tea, going on a walk ‘n’ talk, or helping each other through a trying situation, they keep us grounded in a world that is constantly changing.

In order to gracefully navigate and make the most of each unique friendship journey, Minx encourages allowing your heart and mind to acknowledge the fullness of who you are as well as the wholeness of those whose lives intersect with yours. Often expressing herself through eloquent poetry, she openly shares what she has learned from a lifetime of nurturing and celebrating her own friendships as well as working with clients who are earnestly seeking to do the same.

In Minx’s words, “Friends are the patient gardeners who, year after year, encourage our souls to blossom.” She hopes this book will encourage friendships everywhere to grow and flourish.

friendship is a journey
it begins with that first passing glance
or unexpected encounter
or lovely introduction
or random pairing…

then sometimes days or weeks
or even years later
we might look back and marvel
at the miraculous beginnings
of this ever deepening bond
connecting us one to the other…

no matter where we travel
or the wonders we get to see
friendship remains one of the great
journeys of any lifetime