Am I bold enough?
Are there ways I am living
too small?
There are definitions and containers
I could cram myself into
But would they leave me space
to breathe?
Am I watchful enough?
There is much in life
that can diminish me
if I am not vigilant.
How have I succumbed to
noxious streams of sentimental
nonsense that have clouded
my vision and hidden my hope?
Am I courageous enough?
There is so much worthy
of my love
and my time and my tenacity.
When have I stepped valiantly
into life’s arena to confront
the bullish nay sayers?
Am I resilient enough?
Perfection is insidious
and potential too precious
to worry over or waste.
Where have I been an architect
of something grand
and graceful and good?
Am I enough?
Am I living my dream of myself?
And where and when and how
have I lived at the edges of possibility serving the magnificent dream
of the wholeness
of the world?