stop & wait & wonder
& do not answer
too soon
rest a while
in the question
whatever it may be
can you resist
the need for surety
the comfort of decisiveness
can you just keep pondering
long enough
to allow the miracles of possibility
to flutter around you
like butterflies
delighting your mind’s eye
consider that certainty
may not be all
it is cracked up to be
would you rather view life
through an open window
or a closed door
better still
step outside
the box of shoulds and cannots
is too confining
for your exuberantly creative spirit
to roam around in
if you want to hear spirit speak
if you want to let soul sing
spend time in the spaciousness
between your thoughts
and wander under, over, and around
your hard-earned knowledge
only there can you discover
the soft underbelly
of your inklings and knowings