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Ripe ~ A Collection of Passionate Poetry and Pears

In Ripe, my creative muse has taken a big leap. In partnership with Patti Burris, the wonderful artist whose paintings grace the covers of Soul Notes and Soul Notes Too, I have put together a collection of poems about sensuality and sexuality, in the wake of turning 50. Each poem is presented in conjunction with one of Patti’s gorgeous and evocative paintings. AND each partnership of pear(s) and poem is artfully placed on facing pages by a talented graphic artist and book designer, Kenneth Ruelen. The result is Ripe – A Collection of Passionate Poetry and Pears published by and immediately available through Xlibris. Ripe is available in both hard cover ($28.99) and soft cover ($22.99) plus standard shipping @ $4.48 for one book plus $0.99 per additional book.